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Tom Stout

My name is Tom and I had been a member of Bodyimage for some time and had seen Martin Pt others and seen the results they gained.  I had my honeymoon coming up and I thought Ill have a go at getting myself into the shape of my life.  Dont get me wrong at times I thought to myself what am I doing?  Paying this guy to do this to me.  The end result has blone me away though tbh and I cannot thank him enough for his help.  I trained really hard with him for four months and had to submit my food diary to him and it did feel like I was handing my homework into a scary teacher which actually kept me on the eating plan he designed for me.  All in all it was a hard road but made a special week of my life even more special feeling a million dollars.

Toms stats:-

  • lost 12 lbs

  • lost 14.5 cms of his waist

  • dropped bodyfat by 15%

Ryan Boardman

I was looking for a personal trainer and a friend recommended Martin at Bodyimage.  I was going on an annual holiday and wanted to look my best as a large group of us were going together.  I am very happy with the results I gained and would highly recommend anyone who has an upcoming event they want to look their best for invest in some sessions, well worth the money.

Ryan stats:-

  • 1 and 1/2 stone

  • lost 13 cms off his waist but increased chest and arm measurments by 1cm each

  • decreased bodyfat by a massive 10%

Catherine Sweeney

I joined Bodyimage looking to get in shape for my upcoming summer holiday, I was doing some of the classes but with my heavy workload being a teacher I could not always make the time slots.  I decided to enlist the help of Theresa as my PT and I just cant believe the difference it made.  She whipped my diet into shape, having thought I was eating well she showed me the error of my ways.  I cannot believe the results gained.  I have been back to Theresa since my first lot of PT to get me into the best shape of my life for the biggest day of mine and many others, my wedding!  She was one of the first names on my list of invites when the big day came, her support and help was first class.

Catherines stats:-

  • lost

  • lost

John Garner

I have always enjoyed training and thought I had a pretty good idea what I should be doing.  My sister treated me at christmas to a block booking of training sessions with Martin at Bodyimage.  I can say my whole perspective changed from then on.  As well as training me extremely hard during my sessions Martin was massive on educating me on the nutrition side of things.  We worked on my eating habits making minor changes each week so it never seemed like a task or any real change in my diet until we achieved the percentage bodyfat i wanted to be.  Now I have the knowledge to keep my fat mass down myself thanks to Martin and his help.  If I want to freshen my training up I book in with him again but essentially he educated me in my diet and training to go it alone which I will be forever greatful for.

John stats:-

  • lost a massive 2 stone

  • lost 13 % bodyfat dropping just under 10%

  • 15cms off his waist

Jennifer Thorburn

A work colleague of mine was having PT sessions with Theresa and she recommended I come see her in the build up to my sisters wedding, as i wanted to look my best being a bridesmaid.  I am someone who has had PT sessions elsewhere and need that push that you get from it.  After having two previous personal trainers I can truly say that Theresa is far better than the others I have had.  In my first stint with her she pushed to achieve results I have never previously gained.  I have now returned for personal training for the third time since the wedding.  Everytime I have a holiday or a big night out i.e the works christmas doo I book in.

Jennifers stats:-

  • Lost 13lbs

  • Lost 19.5cms

  • Dropped from a size 12 to size 8

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