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Personal Training

We offer to those who want that little bit of an extra push personal training at very low rates as we just love to get people results.  One on one pt is proven to be the best way to do it.


What do you get from our PT's?

  • First and foremost monitoring of results, whether it be weight loss, strength gain or fitness increases we test and retest you regularly to make sure you are focused on your goals.

  • We monitor your diet having to hand in a food diary to us weekly so we can give you the best dietary advice to get you where you wanna be.

  • Tailor made training sessions to your ability and your goals.

  • Your training will be planned out with incremental increases in intensity so no matter weather you are beginner to exercise or an olympic athlete we will take you to your next level.

  • Most of all we want to make your training enjoyable, very varied so that whatever your goal is it isnt a choir coming it is something you look forward too.


Our prices are very low, however we only allow block bookings of 10 sessions at a time.


 The reason for this is we think pt is something you need to commit to and although the initial outlay may seem a lot you are just showing the commitment that we believe is needed from the outset.


You can do one session per week or seven sessions per week that is entirely upto you, your budget and timescale to get to your goals.


Non members £250

Memebers  £200

Head Personal Trainers Mr and Mrs R

Our head PT's are husband and wife team Martin and Theresa.  You can be trained by one or the other and if your really going for it sometimes both.


They both sing off the same hymn sheet and believe you shouldnt ask your clients to do anything you havent done or believe works.  


With over 30 yrs experience in the industry what they dont know about training and diet isnt worth knowing.  Martin a former professional rugby player and lecturer has been the strength and conditioning coach for several professional clubs including Leigh, Oldham and Oxford.


Theresa is a mother of three who's physique would give most ladies who havent even had one child a run for their money.  She has been teaching classes for years and been on the gym floor.  She is proof that its all about diet and training and no excuses are tolereated for having a busy lifestyle as she couldnt get much busier.


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